Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Things

It surprises me that finally when my life is slowing down to a pace that I like I end up getting involved with something else. So here I am, signed up for another committee.
I grew up in Brandon, Fl. Our big family splurge every year was to go to the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City. I looked forward to it. It was a really big deal. We lived about 20 minutes from the State Fair and even had the day out of school to go. But the kids in Plant City had the day off for the Strawberry Festival. Since the two of them were only a month or so apart, people in our area you would plan their finances around going to them. We could only afford one and it was ALWAYS the Strawberry Festival. I love everything about the berry and I seriously anticipated having the HUGE strawberry shortcakes that were sold for only $2.50. We had to share many things growing up, but my Mom tried her best to allow us each to have our own.
My excitement has never dwindled for this berry-or the event. After having lived in the Carolinas for 8 1/2 years and missing all of those Strawberries I finally got to go back in 2009. And I definately caught Strawberry Fever!!! Imagine my surprise when 2010 rolled around and it was announced that my current town of Fort Mill was going to replace the Spring Festival with it's very own South Carolina Strawberry Festival!!!
What a delight! So the festival here is nothing like the one in Florida. Actually it reminds me of the Fourth of July Festivals of my childhood. A very hometown feel, where you feel safe and let your children run free (with in reason). I was so tickled about this event that I just couldn't contain myself. So, wouldn't you know it I have managed to get myself involved with the Planning Committee. I am seeing strawberries in everything! It's funny how this fruit has followed me my whole life. Even in High School I had a coach that called me Strawberry! Well, I guess it suits me!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A new day...

Well, I have tried to join this world of Blogging. I truly like the idea but have had a challenge from time to time. I have sat down many nights with a consideration of what I might write about. Most times I think that what I have to post is probably not so interesting. I decided to bring this frustratrion to a dear friend of mine. She brought to my attention how much I do that people might like to read about. So now, I am making my commitment to you to share more of what I do. I realized, that perhaps I should document what I do through more photographs. I had forgotten that through all of these years I have learned new things and possibly take them for granted. So now I am going to make it a point to share with you my learned things as well as the new endeavors that I take on.

My latest quest is to learn about food storage. Although I understand that the point behind that is to have a stock of food supply that can sustain your family with out the luxury of electricity or even a clean water supply. But for now, I am just trying to expand my pantry stock while couponing as well as explore ways to save food for longr periods of time-economicly.

I purchased a Food Saver to see how it may help. My first task was to purchase a 6lb package of Ground Beef and divide it out. I also bought a 5lb bag of Cheddar Cheese with the same goal.

Stay tuned for step by step directions for how to do this, and my review of this product!