Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A new day...

Well, I have tried to join this world of Blogging. I truly like the idea but have had a challenge from time to time. I have sat down many nights with a consideration of what I might write about. Most times I think that what I have to post is probably not so interesting. I decided to bring this frustratrion to a dear friend of mine. She brought to my attention how much I do that people might like to read about. So now, I am making my commitment to you to share more of what I do. I realized, that perhaps I should document what I do through more photographs. I had forgotten that through all of these years I have learned new things and possibly take them for granted. So now I am going to make it a point to share with you my learned things as well as the new endeavors that I take on.

My latest quest is to learn about food storage. Although I understand that the point behind that is to have a stock of food supply that can sustain your family with out the luxury of electricity or even a clean water supply. But for now, I am just trying to expand my pantry stock while couponing as well as explore ways to save food for longr periods of time-economicly.

I purchased a Food Saver to see how it may help. My first task was to purchase a 6lb package of Ground Beef and divide it out. I also bought a 5lb bag of Cheddar Cheese with the same goal.

Stay tuned for step by step directions for how to do this, and my review of this product!

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